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When I was a kid I doodled on paper non stop.
It was my happy place!
Now I'm an adult my pencil has been replaced by chisels and my paper turned to stone.
Doodling still makes me happy!

The Dorset Stone Carver takes offcuts and waste material from the stone industry and gives life to happy creations with minimal impact on the planet.

The pieces here are carved by sculptor Ben Russell. Ben cut his teeth in the Architectural Stone Carving industry working for many years in London. Here he worked upon numerous prestigious projects and earned one or two awards for his work along the way but in 2017 the green hills of West Dorset called him home. He now divides his time between creating his own nature inspired sculptures and crafting pieces for TDSC. You can check out his other work here.

Please view the shop to find out what pieces are currently available and remember to check back regularly or join our newsletter to be alerted regarding new arrivals.
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